Single Screw Pumps

Barrel Screw Pumps

Barrel Screw Pumps has portable design, vertical screw pumps for emptying barrels. Driven by vertical flange mounted geared or flanged motors. Available in mild steel or stainless steel material of construction with rotating parts to suit duty conditions. Shaft sealing is done by soft gland packing / mechanical seal.


Technical Parameters:

  • Capacity : 180 cu. M/hr
  • Temperature : up to 200 deg c
  • Head : 12 kg/sq. Cm
  • Solids handling capacity: up to 30 mm
  • Viscosity : up to 500, 00,000 cst.

Single Screw Pumps

Visflow single screw AN/BN series pumps is a product of world class progressive cavity technology which is producing high pressure & high flow out put and to transfer difficult pumping media transferring difficult pumping media. The pump is self priming & non clogging with positive displacement capabilities.

Technical specification:

  • Capacity: up to 120m3\hr
  • Pressure: up to 36 kg\cm2
  • Temperature: up to 140 c
  • Viscosity: up to 1,20,000 cst

Applicable Industries:

Sugar mills & distilleries, paper & pulp industry, ceramic tiles & insulator plant, oil refinery & vegetable plant, cosmetic & soap industry, chemical & process industry, mining industry, cattle feed & explosive etc.

Fluids Handled:

Sugar syrup, acidic and alkaline slurry, bentonite slurry, ceramic slurry, mineral & chemical slurry, de-water sludge, sulphide sugar juice, industrial waste, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, spent wash, paper pulp and soap stock. We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Single Screw Pumps in Tamil Nadu.

Eccentric Screw Pumps

We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Eccentric Screw Pumps in Tamilnadu.Our clients can avail from us a precision-engineered range of Vertical Screw Pumps that is designed in accordance with the international quality standards. These assure accurate flow rate even under rugged conditions and are driven by vertical flange mounted geared or flanged motors. Our range of Vertical Screw Pumps has a portable design with vertical screw pumps for emptying barrels and is available in MS or SS construction with rotating parts. Vertical Screw Pumps are fitted with the shaft sealing by soft gland packing / mechanical seal. The fluids handled by Vertical Screw Pumps comprises acids, diesel oil, furnace oil, varnish, beer, lubricating oil, drug formulations and chemical solutions.


Some of the technical parameters of Vertical Screw Pumps are as follows:

    • Capacity: 80 Cu.M/Hr
    • Head: 12 Kg/
    • Temperature: Up to 200 Deg C
    • Viscosity: Up to 500,00,000 CST
    • Solids handling capacity: Up to 30 mm


      • Simple in design and easy to use
      • Works on the unique progressive cavity principle
      • Positive displacement
      • Low internal velocity of fluid within the pump ensures gentle handling of liquid minimizing shear and erosion
      • Torsion-free metal-bonded stator for increased stator life and higher efficiency
      • Adaptable for any kind of drive like pneumatic or hydraulic


        Our range finds usage in the following industries:

        • Chemical & process
        • Brewery
        • Electrical engineering
        • Mining
        • Oil
        • Paint & varnish
        • Ink
        • Pharmaceuticals
        • Power

          Additional Information:
          • Item Code: AB-Series
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